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Reviews: Legendary Venice: St. Mark’s Basilica with Terraces & Doge’s Palace


Latest Reviews

Choon - Dec 01, 2019

I enjoyed the tour immensely and was happy that the Doge’s palace was included. The guide was rather thorough in the knowledge of the subject matter but also thoughtful of his guests . Highly recommendable.

Daniel - Nov 30, 2019

Terrific guide. Thank you.

Rebecca - Nov 30, 2019

It was perhaps the best tour I have ever taken. Guide was fabulous. I have done nearly 20 cruises and been to over 50 countries, so I say this with some knowledge and experience. I learned so much, our guide had time for everyone and the itinerary was just right. I will always treasure this tour.

Barbara - Nov 26, 2019

Fascinating tour! Indepth coverage of history and culture.

Marci - Nov 24, 2019

Our guide Sabrina was wonderful.

David - Nov 20, 2019