Reviews: Best of Florence Walking Tour with David & the Duomo


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They should tell you in advance if the tour your are buying (day and time) can include the dome on the inside or not. I did read that if the dome was closed, the guide would just show you the outside but literally after the tour, the dome opened so they should warn you. Although the guide was awesome.

Patricia - Jan 30, 2020

Eleonora made our Florence visit very entertaining as well as informative. She has a good spoken voice and was very knowledgeable about Florence. Highly recommended.

Steve - Jan 24, 2020

Took a Walks of Italy tour on our first day in Florence and it went so well, we decided to take this tour. Once again......we were very happy with our experience. The guide was great......very knowledgeable and very passionate about all that Florence had to offer. Would not hesitate to take another tour by Walks of Italy. As a matter-of-fact, our son is going to Italy this fall on his honeymoon and we told him that some Walks of Italy tours were a must.

Jim - Jan 20, 2020

My friend and I took the getting to know Rome tour upon our arrival. Loved it. We also took the Tuscany day trip to Siena, San Gigmanamo and lunch at a winery in the Tuscany region. A perfect day and beautiful scenery. We had so much fun.

Sally - Jan 14, 2020

This was a wonderful experience and I would heartily recommend to anyone visiting Florence. Our guide, Eriza, was extremely well-informed and obviously highly educated in art history and Florence culture.

John - Jan 10, 2020

I cannot say enough about our guide Bernardo “ Bernie” he told us he was a Florentinian and an art historian. And it showed. What knowledge. And so well spoken. Bernie spoke during the entire tour with not a drop of water nor an um or an er pause. He was brilliant. This tour was the highlight of our two weeks in Italy. We felt privileged to have Bernie as our guide. Our only mistake in our trip was we did not allocate enough time for Florence. We will return and I don’t know how but we would love to ensure we get Bernie again.

John - Jan 10, 2020