The Best Places for Shopping in Florence: 11 Must-Visit Spots

May 16, 2024

Italy’s a big deal in the fashion world, and Florence has a lot to do with it. It’s where big names like Gucci, Salvatore Ferragamo, Emilio Pucci, Roberto Cavalli, and more got their start. Nowadays, Florence is considered somewhat of a fashion capital, with everything from high-end to local artisanal designers and everything in between. All that to say, shopping in Florence won’t disappoint!

Read along as we explore the best spots for some shopping in Florence, where you can splurge on luxury items or browse the local artisanal creations if you are taking a break from visiting historic sites such as the Florence Cathedral. We’ll uncover spots for big-name brands to the charming local markets for you to discover as you embark on a day filled with shopping or a self-guided walking tour of Florence.

An aerial view of Florence with red rooftops

Florence is considered one of the fashion capitals of Italy. Photo credit: Julius Rinke

Via de Tornabuoni

Via de Tornabuoni is considered the most famous street for some shopping in Florence, and one of the most luxurious. Not only is it the home of Salvatore Ferragamo’s first property, and also where you can find Gucci, Emilio Pucci, Versace, Pomellato, Roberto Cavalli, Hermès, Tiffany & Co., and Cartier—just to name a few.

Inside the flagship Ferragamo shop in Palazzo Spini Feroni you can find full women’s and men’s departments, and downstairs you can get a peek into Ferragamo’s fascinating early life in Naples at his museum—it’s a rare treat!

It’s the most elegant street in town, so when you go, be on the look out for some of Florence’s most fashionable locals.

The inside of a shoe

Salvatore Ferragamo opened his first shoe shop in Florence, Italy, in 1927. Photo credit: Robert Sheie

Via dei Calzaiuoli

Trailing from Piazza del Duomo to Piazza della Signoria, Via dei Calzaiuoli is a popular street filled with high-end to everyday modern stores. You’ll find ultra luxury from Chanel to department store shopping at Coin (often likened to Macy’s in the United States). Sisley is a more middle-of-the road fashion option and there’s also a Disney store for the kids. Furla, a famous Italian brand, is a prime choice for purse lovers.

Via dei Calzaiuoli is one of the streets for shopping in Florence that has a little something for everyone.

Clothes hanging on hangers inside a shop

Shopping locally is a fun way to get to explore the city. Photo credit: S O C I A L . C U T

Via del Corso

Via del Corso is a bustling street packed with an impressive array of goods and shopping options. Whether you’re on the hunt for fashion, accessories, or unique treasures, it’s a safe bet that Via del Corso will have just what you’re looking for.

Take a stroll down Via del Corso starting from Piazza della Repubblica, and you’ll soon find yourself amongst the vibrant scene of locals zipping around on their bikes and doing their daily errands. Along this iconic street, you’ll encounter a fun array of boutiques with a mix of local and national brands, making it a true shopping haven.

Insider’s tip: Piero Puliti’s shirts and ties are a hot commodity on Via del Corso. These made-to-measure items are made of the finest Italian materials and designed by Piero exclusively for this shop. If you’re shopping in Florence for a shirt and tie, don’t miss this!

Men's ties of different colors on display

Made-to-measure shirts and ties are just one of many gems you can find shopping in Florence. Photo credit: Tim Mossholder

San Lorenzo Market

The San Lorenzo market (often referred to as the Mercato Centrale or Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo) is not just a fantastic spot to discover one-of-a-kind, locally crafted items, but it’s also a treasure trove for snagging some great deals.

This market spills over into the streets around Piazza San Lorenzo and is conveniently close to Florence’s iconic Duomo, making it a perfectly situated shopping destination. From leather belts to handbags and hats, the array of leather goods you’ll come across here is endless. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture a piece of Italy for yourself or snag some memorable souvenirs.

Insider’s tip: Take your time to wander through the entire market and browse different stalls, as you’ll often find similar items with varying styles and prices. Keep in mind that prices may differ from one stall to another, so it’s worth comparing before making a decision. Don’t hesitate to try your hand at bargaining with the sellers, too.

Belts of different colors all in a row

So many leather goods, so little time. Photo credit: Max Nayman

Via Santo Spirito, Borgo San Jacopo and Borgo San Frediano

Via Santo Spirito is another haven for artisanal boutiques. Situated between Borgo San Jacopo and Borgo San Frediano, on the opposite side of the Arno River in the beloved Oltrarno neighborhood, it’s a must-visit spot. 

These three interconnected streets create a lively setting for shopping (or simply window shopping) and just taking a stroll. Don’t miss the Oltrarno shopping scene, too! Even if shopping isn’t on your agenda, Oltrarno is a neighborhood that’s absolutely worth a visit, thanks to its unique charm, character, and history.

Records in a record shop

Borgo San Frediano is filled with funky shops. Photo credit: Anastasia Saldatava

Ponte Vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio is another famous place for shopping in Florence, particularly for its jewelry shops. This historic bridge spans the Arno River and is renowned for its unique design, which features shops built along its length. Traditionally, these shops were occupied by butchers, but in the 16th century, they were replaced by goldsmiths and jewelers.

Today, Ponte Vecchio is lined with upscale jewelry stores, selling a variety of precious gems and high-end jewelry pieces. If you’re in the mood for shopping and history, don’t miss the Best of Florence Walking Tour with David & the Duomo, where you’ll visit and learn more about the Ponte Vecchio (plus visit a local leather market, too!).

A bridge, buildings and a river

The Ponte Vecchio is full of history, and places to buy jewlery. Photo credit: Kevin Martin Jose

Mercato delle Pulci

The Mercato delle Pulci, also known as the Florence Flea Market, is a famous antique and vintage market located in the heart of Florence.

It’s situated near the Piazza dei Ciompi, close to the Sant’Ambrogio neighborhood and is known for its eclectic assortment of antique furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles, artwork, and other various odds and ends.

The market operates in an open-air setting, typically under tents or canopies, and is usually open daily, although it’s a good idea to check specific days and hours as they may vary. Just like at other open-air markets in Italy, bargaining is common here, so visitors are encouraged to negotiate prices with the vendors.

Insider’s tip: Don’t confuse the Mercato delle Pulci with the Mercato di San Lorenzo, which is a different market in Florence!

Clothes on a hanger

Shopping in Florence has the best of both worlds: luxury shopping and boutique shopping. Photo credit: Artificial Photography

Scuola del Cuoio (Leather School)

The Scuola del Cuoio (Leather School) is a Florence hidden gem, and worth a visit if you appreciate artisanal goods, and the hard work that goes into making them. 

This renowned institution is a living testament to Florence’s rich artisanal heritage and a must-visit destination for those interested in the artistry of leather craftsmanship.

The school specializes in teaching traditional Italian leather craftsmanship and was initially established to help orphans and war veterans rebuild their lives by imparting the art of leatherworking. Today, it continues to preserve these time-honored techniques and produces high-quality leather goods, including bags, wallets, and belts, while offering guided tours of its workshops for visitors to witness artisans at work.

They also sell the leather goods produced by its artisans and have an online shop, too.

A leather wallet

Artisanal leather goods are the perfect gift. Photo credit: Konstantin Evdokimov

The Mall Firenze

The Mall Firenze, located near Florence in the picturesque Tuscan countryside, is a renowned luxury outlet shopping destination offering a wide array of high-end designer brands like Gucci, Prada, and Versace at significantly discounted prices.

If you’re keen on bringing home a luxury Italian souvenir without splurging too much while shopping in Florence, you might be in luck at the mall.

Pink purse and white shoes

If you’re looking for luxury, you’ll find it in Florence. Photo credit: Arno Senoner

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